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John Michael Yockey was a 19th century immigrant from Europe to the United States. He was one of an unknown number of Yockey's who came to the US during this period. Each immigrating Yockey appeared to have sired a separate lineage. Within this particular line, I know of 5 living descendents (not including me) who are actively investigating their ancestry, 4 of which I've exchanged information with in 2002-2003.

A mass of work has been completed on Yockey ancestors in Europe, some of which I will refer to here. However, my focus is on J.M.Yockey's lineage after entering the United States. The information is presented here in both narrative and Gedcom form.

John and Emily: 1822 to 1908

John Michael Yockey was likely also known as Johan Michael Jacky, his name having been Americanized on entering the US. The alternate surname spelling "Yocky" appears in the 1850 Boon County, KY US Census as transcribed independently by two groups. Johan was born in the fall of 1822 in Rumbach Bavaria, Germany to Ludwig Jacky and his wife Emily [I do not know Emily's surname]. Johan's emigration to the US came when he was ~18, in 1840. Though he's likely to have entered through the Northeast probably in the Baltimore/Annapolis area, I have not found documentation of his port of entry.

Emily Francis Riley was born in the fall of 1829 in Boone County, Kentucky to Isham (misspelled 'Isom' at least once) Riley and his wife Esther Shaw. Isham's past is a brick wall for a number of researchers who are interested in following the Riley ancestry back to its Irish roots. It's clear that Isham had two wives, but there are a couple of versions of which wife came first and which children were born to which wife.

Most of the information I have starts from Johan's marriage to Emily in 1847. I have no information on what Johan was up to during his 7 years in the US before marrying Emily. As for Emily, all I know is that she hadn't left home: she had been born in Boone County, Kentucky and was still there at 18 when she wed with Johan, who was 25 at the time. The spring after their marriage (1848), their first son Charles H. Yockey was born. A year-and-a-half later during the winter of 1849 their first daughter Esther Caroline Yockey came. Over the next 20 years, Johan and Emily would have 7 more children, 3 girls and 4 boys.

According to Census data, from 1850 to 1900 Johan and Emily moved westward from Kentucky through Indiana and finally to Illinois, where they are both buried. The illustration below shows their route of migration. The background map image is a composite from pieces of the "Western border states" map composed by cartographer Edward S. Hall and published Abt 1861.

In the 1860's, Johan joined the 97th Indiana Regiment (Union Army). The history of the 97th has been told on the web by Debbie Jennings. Unfortunately, Johan is listed neither as a Private nor as an Officer on the personnel lists at this site. Evidence for his having been connected to the 97th comes from his obituary in the Bloomfield News, May 1, 1908. Information from this obituary combined with census data also suggest that after moving to Illinois, Johan returned to Indiana after Emily's death, where Johan subsequently died in 1908. He was buried in Mound Cemetery in Jasper County, Illinois beside Emily, who had passed away in Jasper County six years earlier (1902).

The Children of John and Emily: 1848 to 1869

Johan and Emily had 9 children in all, 4 girls and 5 boys.
Charles H. Yockey b.1848
Esther Caroline Yockey b.1849
Mary Catherine Yockey b.1853
Laney Yockey b.1856
Valentine Mahler Yockey b.1858
George Yockey (Yocky) b.1860
Laura Alice Yockey b.1863
Margaret Yockey b.1865
Jasper Lorenzo Yockey b.1869

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